About Us

Not just a diet, make it your lifestyle. Easy to find Healthy Diet options for everyday living. On Healthy Diet is a one stop landing page and search engine for Articles and Recipes on healthy living and eating. Make On Healthy Diet you default browser and never be questioning what you should have for dinner or what is good for you gut health again, the answers are available at your fingertips. The UI (User Interface) is designed for your ease of use to cut out all the extra searching and take you right to your desired recipe or article. OHD (On Healthy Diet) takes your privacy seriously, in order to make your search experience the best possible we will store certain search caches so you can find the what you’re looking for easier, quicker and better each time you visit OHD but we do not and will not sell your data to any third parties. Just a heads up once you leave our site and are on the pages of your search results we have no control over what is done with your data. All we can assure is we will not be using your data for any monetary gain.
Having said that, in an attempt to monetize our site, affiliate links and ads will be added into your search results. They will be consistent with the information you search and in a best case scenario blend right in so they aren’t even noticeable. We strive to give the best search results possible and the affiliate links and ads are no different. We will continue to develop and grow the site as things evolve but our core principles of giving you quality, easy to find, search results to assist in living your best healthy lifestyle will always be there. We look forward to taking this journey together and being a part of your On Healthy Diet! All the best!!